Locals begin community postcard project

Have you heard about Salida’s community postcard project? We’ve got cards on the street now, and you’re all invited to respond.

We’re a small Salida group intrigued by the idea of using the postcard and local talent as a medium for exploring and celebrating life in the Upper Arkansas River and San Luis Valleys (altitude, a common denominator for the land and cultures of both valleys, gave us our name: “Postcards With Altitude!”).

Local artists (experienced & novice) contributed images inspired by local sights. From these, we created postcards and are now in the process of sending them out. (Contact us if you would like to receive one: [email protected])

We invite recipients to turn the card over and respond in whatever creative way they choose (details below), then return the card to our PO Box (return address & stamp have been included). The responses are an important part of the process. They add another dimension to the original image.

Once the cards make their way back home, they’ll be displayed, both front and back, at the Salida Library (our thanks to Jeff Donlan). Stay posted for dates.

See contributed images and artists’ names on our web page:

Participation Details:

Responses (until October 15):
* react to the image on the back of the postcard, using any flat medium (writing, sketching, painting, etc.).
* use any part of the available white space, leaving the stamp and return address open and legible.
* include your name and contact information if you like, or submit anonymously.
* mail by October 15, 2014 (stamp & return address already included).
* most importantly, have fun!

Submissions (for next season, email us for more info):
* image maker must be local to the Upper Arkansas River or San Luis Valley.
* image must be captured in the region, though the subject doesn’t need to be recognizable.
* image must be original artwork (not necessarily created for this project).
* most media that can be re-created on a postcard is welcome (but, as a challenge, we may get more specific – watch for details)
* it’s best if the image fits an approximate size of 4″x6″ (resized or original) – contact us if you need help.

Current members of the planning group:
Kenneth Brandon
Carolyn Barnett
Judy Haines
Pam Judd
Jeanne Turner
project inspiration:
Farrah Fine

(We didn’t look for a historical precedent, but aspects of the mail art movement of the 1970s & 80s show what’s possible when a community gets together to communicate on paper – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mail_art)

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  1. Jody Karr-Silaski

    This is a very cool project! I appreciate your creative collaboration:-)

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