Celebrate Indie Cinema in Salida this month

Did you know that Storyville Cinema, downtown on 1st S Street is featuring indie films this month?  Though-provoking and NEWLY RELEASED titles are now being shown AND in crisp digital format.

We’re talking films critically acclaimed and just now appearing in East Coast cinemas lucky enough to get some of the limited screenings available for these movies.  Included among others this month are three that have just been reviewed in the New Yorker: “Robin Wright at The Congress“, “The Trip to Italy” and “Love is Strange“.  We caught the Saturday matinee of “The Congress”, a not so far-fetched glimpse into the future.  It’s a combination of traditional cinema plus animation from around the world.  Let yourself go and then sit back with a cold beer and stick around for the ride.  You will find it engaging, baffling, and at times, over the top, but guaranteed to get you and your partner talking.

Owner Amy Helm has been wanted to feature independent (indie) movies for some time, to supplement the general audience pleasers she depends on to keep the doors open.  Switching to digital projection was a huge and expensive leap forward and one that the community supported.  Showing movies that challenge people to think as well as be entertained by topics outside of Hollywood’s usual comfort zones takes guts.  It took a lot of work for her to compete and line up these films for the October-Fest and she can’t do it alone.

Take a look at this lineup, then go check out the reviews yourself.  Make it a point to attend one or two this month.

Yes, being entertained by the latest action movie, fantasy cartoon or other light fare is a great way to get away from it all.  But there’s more to cinema than just entertainment.  Our own Storyville Cinema is hoping you’ll catch the fever and check out things you might not otherwise see without a 3 hour drive the big city.  The price can’t be beat and it’s a great way to show support for our local businesses.

We’ll be back next week for another offering and hope to see more of our neighbors there as well.

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