Stewart violated campaign finance law

It is interesting perusing the TRACER website during election season. TRACER is the State of Colorado’s campaign finance site run by the Secretary of State. There you can see how much all the candidates are raising in contributions, who they are raising it from and see how they are spending their money.

You can also see if candidates are operating by the laws and rules. Are they filing reports on time? Are there any campaign finance complaints?

You become a candidate for office when you publicly announce your candidacy and thereafter accept contributions or make an expenditure in support of your candidacy. An expenditure can be driving your car to your precinct caucus.

Once you publicly announce your candidacy, you have ten days to file your candidate affidavit.

Looking through the site I found that Elaine Stewart, Republican candidate for Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder, announced her candidacy on February 1, 2014 but didn’t file her candidate affidavit until April 17th. She was out of compliance of campaign finance law for over two months. The Clerk and Recorder is the chief election official in Chaffee County who assists in enforcing campaign finance laws. How can voters support or trust an individual who clearly does not understand nor comply with basic campaign laws to be our Clerk and Recorder?

Experience does matter in this office. Lori Mitchell is a candidate for Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder. She is the Chief Deputy Clerk, has worked in the office for over three years, and is committed to a more business friendly office and better customer service. Lori has written handbooks to help train personnel as well as election judges and her expertise is respected throughout the state. Lori helped to implement the Election Reform Law of 2013 which made your vote one of the safest in the nation.

There will be a change in the office regardless of who is elected. Lori is ready now to be your clerk and recorder. Vote for experience and stability, vote for Lori Mitchell.

Louise Olsen-Marquez
Campaign Manager for Lori Mitchell, candidate for Chaffee County Clerk and Recorder

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