Free tree-pruning workshop – Sat, Nov 1

The Colorado State Forest Service will offer a free tree-pruning workshop at 10 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 1, in Salida. The workshop will include information for private landowners about why, when and how to prune a deciduous tree.

“Proper pruning is important to tree health, but improper pruning can cause problems,” said Kathryn Hardgrave, assistant district forester for the CSFS Salida District. “At the base of each tree branch, in an area called the branch collar, a tree has what amounts to a first aid kit. If the branch collar is cut off or partially removed during the pruning process, it will take the tree many more years to cover the wound, leaving the area susceptible to disease and decay.”

The Salida Tree Board is sponsoring the workshop, and the information to be presented is valid for any size of tree.

“Poor pruning practices are more noticeable than proper ones, and unfortunately most people equate that look to typical pruning,” said Hardgrave. “A well-pruned tree tends to look cleaner, but the tree shape remains very similar.”

The instructional portion of the workshop will last about a half-hour, followed by time for everyone to practice pruning small trees with as much guidance as required. Participants are encouraged to bring hand pruners and/or pruning saws to practice making good pruning cuts.

To participate in the workshop, meet at the small parking area west of Holman Avenue at the Salida Trail intersection, by the dog park. The workshop will be conducted outdoors, and participants will walk along the trail and in the Trailside subdivision to look at different tree species.

For more information, please contact the CSFS Salida District at 719-539-2579.

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