KHEN 2A conversation contained errors

Sandy Farrell hosts a great program every Friday at 1:00 p.m. on KHEN called “Salida Inside Out.” Today (Friday, Oct. 31), Chuck Rose and Keith Baker were guests.

I listened to Mayor Rose criticize Councilman Brown for a very understandable (and subsequently self-corrected) error regarding Monte Vista’s officials’ salaries. He said Hal Brown should have taken more care and done further research before speaking about those salaries.

Councilman Baker then discussed at length how the Carlisle-Farney Initiative would allegedly prohibit 2A funds from being used to “maintain” any roads constructed on the Vandaveer Ranch. He advised that new roads would “turn to dirt,” and that would be a bad, unintended outcome.

Councilman Baker misstates the substance of the initiative. Section 7 (p. 4 of 12) of the Carlisle-Farney Initiative only prohibits 2A funds from being used to “construct or install” any new roads on the Vandaveer Ranch. It does not prohibit use of 2A funds to maintain those same roads. Section 7 simply ensures that developers, not Salida taxpayers, pay for new roads in Vandaveer, as is usual and customary.

It might be useful to have the language of the Carlisle-Farney Initiative available to all. Here is a link for future reference.

Thank you.

Jeff Auxier

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One Response to “KHEN 2A conversation contained errors”

  1. Jeff Auxier

    To clarify:

    (b)(7) actually prohibits 2A funds from being spent on new sidewalks, sewers, water lines, etc., in Vandaveer Ranch, again things customarily the responsibility of a developer and not the taxpayer.

    Sections (b)(1)(A) and (b)(3) (found on p. "3 of 12" of the new initiative at the link above) operate to allow repair, replacement and improvement of "existing" streets. Once a developer has built (created) a street, it is "existing," and 2A funds would be available to repair, improve and replace it. This would alleviate Councilman Baker's concerns about future roads constructed in Vandaveer Ranch.

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