Collision with cyclist sends hiker to hospital

My family and group of friends gather each year to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday weekend together. This year was no different though it was our first stay in Salida. As a group, we were hiking up Ute Pass Trail on CR 176 Thursday morning. Upon descent, at approximately 11:30 AM, an individual on a road/cross bike with a computer-handle bar attachment hit my husband from behind. He was lifted off his feet and thrown forward. The bicyclist also wrecked and appeared to have injured his hand/elbow. Our friends rushed to my husband’s assistance and twice asked the cyclist if he was okay. He appeared to be more interested in his own injuries and the damage to his computer. He subsequently rode off never once offering assistance nor leaving his name.

A trip to the nearby hospital yielded a very compassionate and efficient medical staff that diagnosed a femoral fracture in need of surgery. A Colorado State Patrolman was also dispatched to the hospital. He too, was professional and thorough in his attempts to gather accident information. Doctors notified Mercy Medical Center, in our hometown Durango, who were advised of my husband’s injuries and coordinated the care upon his arrival. My daughter and I spent the next 3 1/2 hours transporting my husband back to Durango. Needless to say, the drive was extremely painful for my husband. Early Friday morning, he underwent total hip replacement surgery.

My family and friends wanted to extend our heart-felt gratitude for all those who coordinated their efforts in making this heart-wrenching situation as palatable as possible. I would like to believe this cyclist was not a Salida resident and, if so, does not represent the character of this pristine Colorado town. However, I do want this person to know the impact of his actions.

Gloria, Dave and Sarah and friends

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3 Responses to “Collision with cyclist sends hiker to hospital”

  1. Melodee Hallett

    I too have experienced a hiking situation with our family where cyclists have caused injury to members of our family on a mountain trail. Most cyclists are courteous, but it appears there is confusion on appropriate behavior when encountering different situations when hiking and biking. Is there an accepted procedure and is it being taught so the cyclists and the public can prevent what happened in this instance? Bicycles are silent and fast and often hikers have animals who are startled, as well. There are many blind corners on trails. Who has the right of way? Often it is tricky getting out of the way of the bikers.

    This might be a good time to address this issue since we share the trails.

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  2. Paige Judd

    Right of way is pretty simple. Bikers must yield to pedestrians. Everyone must yield to horses.

    I am so disappointed to hear that a cyclist hurt someone and rode away. That person has some bad juju following him.

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  3. Mike Smith

    From what I can understand from Gloria’s write up, the family was walking on spiral drive - “we were hiking up Ute Pass Trail on CR 176”. This is not a single track trail, but is a road - which could account for the high speed of the cyclist and severity of impact. I cannot imagine that this person is local, but if he is, he should fess up and try to make some sort of amends for this hideous behavior.

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