The lure of socialism

It’s ironic that in our time of need, Americans turn not to the freedom and hard work that made this country great, but to socialism and its promises of wealth plundered from their neighbor and redistributed as elitist politicians see fit to reward their cronies.

Socialism has only proved to be good at spreading misery and poverty to everyone in countries that have gone in that direction – must we really repeat their mistakes here? Even now, bastions of socialism such as France are turning back towards economic freedom to heal their economy, yet I see Americans praising the great Obama and his proposed 50.3% effective tax rate on S corporations and his “tax refund checks” for people who never paid taxes in the first place. Government does not create wealth – hard working and entrepreneurial Americans do. Government only stifles productivity and redistributes loot.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses account for 50% of the jobs in the United States, yet people seem to think plundering their revenue is a viable and sustainable way to fix our problems. We’ve done an excellent job at driving large corporations out of the United States with our obscenely high corporate tax rates – money has fled our country at an alarming rate as companies move to avoid punitive taxes.

As we rally around politicians who promise they’ll “soak the rich”, does anyone stop to think what happens when we drive out the “rich”? According to the IRS, the top 10% of income earners already pay 70.79% of the taxes. What happens when we drive them, their businesses, and their jobs out too? Who will we fleece then?

Cott Lang

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2 Responses to “The lure of socialism”

  1. Bill Donavan


    Whereas I appreciate your strong political ideologies, Americans are not turning towards socialism per se., they are looking for help, and yes hope, from a very charismatic and apparently brilliant politician who offers a different perspective on solving their problems. Thankfully, they also see someone who looks to many disparate sources to reach conclusions.

    Do not confuse support for Socialism with the ability of average Americans to see the failure of our government to act with respect and dignity here and abroad.

    Americans who are in economic peril want change because they feel that the current system has failed them. But, more interestingly the millions of Americans who are Republican and or right of center voted for Obama because the current (Bush) administration has failed to represent America's values.

    Those of us that feel the greatest generation, and all of those that fought for America, it's freedoms, and it's civil liberties are what makes America great threw Bush and his policies out.

    In short, America will always vote for the better man who best represents American, and by it's nature humanist, values above any system. It's not about socialism, nor about soaking the rich, it's about getting America back in check. The greatest part of this election was not tha we have our first black president, it's that the left didn't put him there. Americans did.

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  2. Cott Lang


    I appreciate the rationalization, but I think you're a bit defensive over your choice of president and am afraid you find yourself constrained in a two-party system.

    Socialism isn't about Democrats or Republicans, it's about Democrats AND Republicans. There's no real difference between these two parties, they differ only in tiny percentages or fringe issues. When it comes down to it, both are equally happy to rob Peter in order to pay Paul, in order to retain the perpetual support of Paul.

    Obama is no different than Bush, as should be evidence by his recent revelation that we will not be leaving Iraq. Of course we won't. We've been under Democrat rule for two years now, and they haven't lifted a finger to move us out of Iraq.

    Most disagreements between the two halves of the ruling party are mere posturing, to put on a "Monday night football" show to entertain us and make us think there are REAL alternatives two the two halves. There are, but they exist only in third parties, or perhaps "fringe" candidates like Ron Paul or Mike Gravel.

    If America truly voted for the "better man", McCain and Obama would never have made the first cut.

    If America wasn't truly about soaking the rich, that wouldn't have been the campaign promise of the Democrats (and sometimes the Republicans!) for the last few decades.

    I'm sorry, but I don't share your optimism.

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