Maybe you should know

For those who are not aware of some things that have happened in Salida during this election campaign, maybe you should. I have stayed silent up to this point but after the incident at the football game Friday, I refuse to remain so any longer.

There is a faction of “Democrats” in Salida whose immature and unethical actions in regard to this election has created a very bad light that reflects on the group as a whole.

The local incidents described below may be dismissed or rationalized by some as not important. However, increasing numbers of ethical Democrats, Republicans and independents in Salida are aware of these incidents and are very disturbed because these incidents are indicative of a seemingly growing attitude of:

  • The respect for an individual’s right to Freedom of Speech apparently only applies to those who think like you do.
  • The end (winning) justifies the means.

Some incidents in point.

  • Mutilation and/or disappearance of McCain and Giese/Holman yard signs. It could be just be kid’s mischief because Mallett and Bristol signs have also been taken. However, the fact that almost all Holman signs have disappeared in BV while others are left makes one wonder.
  • Several different episodes of trespassing onto private property around Salida and cutting down only Giese/Holman highway signs. Mallett and Bristol signs have not been touched. (definitely not kid’s mischief).
  • Letters to the Editor containing misinformation and/or lies about Holman and Giese’s positions on issues.
  • Name calling of those whose opinions are associated with the “Right”.
  • Intimidation of local business people that their businesses will suffer if they display signs or openly show support for Holman and/or Giese. It was saddening to learn that Mr. Mallett did this personally in at least one case. (Why is it that downtown businesses displaying Democrat signs do not seem intimidated?)
  • During the Salida/Buena Vista Homecoming game in Salida. Giese/Holman fliers placed by volunteers on hundreds of car windshields disappeared. They were replaced with a flier for drink specials after the game at Kit’s Boathouse Cantina.

Just like other things that work their way down from the cities into small towns, it appears that some people in Salida have decided that big political machine tactics is the way to influence voters. Salida has arrived!

Cecile Young

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