Jimmy Descant opening reception at the Leon Gallery, Denver

Jimmy Descant “JFK as an Indian; Icons, Assassinations, and Indiginy”

Opening Reception, October 4th 2013 7-10pm,  Show dates:October 4th-October 28th

Leon: 1112 East 17th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80218

Leon: 303-832-1599 www.leongallery.com, hours: 12pm-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

Denver 2013 Show:

Jimmy Descant will use sculpture and photography to honor the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination (Nov. 22, 2013, with assemblage/collage applied in my style of no welding, all bolted or screwed together to create his Western vision and commentary of what White Man has done to Native Americans as well as our best leaders, visionaries, and their positive potentials in the use of violence to change history; as a comparison.

Jimmy takes his talents as an artist, his family and country’s historical artifacts, the usurped word ‘hope’; and lift up the past and the truth into a positive strength that mocks the weakness of the invasive race’s saboteurs, as well as reassures the future of potentials of the First Peoples of this continent. As well as JFK pics, Jimmy will exhibit a 12′ train construction from the live art event “This Train” in Salida, a Navajo peace sign (swastika) made from crutches, and other Native influenced assemblages.

Jimmy Descant’s father took 9 pictures of JFK on the campaign trail in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2 minutes in August, 1960 after marrying his mother who grew up in Grand Haven, Mich. “I grew up in New Orleans, where my Father is from. The 1″ negatives were given to me when I was young, and I had 2 sets developed as snapshots in the 1980′s. The negatives and photos survived Hurricane Katrina with little else, in a suitcase in my attic.”

In 2009 and 2010 respectively, J. Descant created 2 assemblages using those snapshots, and Mr. Descant was accepted to the 2nd annual ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids, Mich. to exhibit as the featured artist at the featured venue, the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM). GRAM was built on the site of the buildings in the background of the photos, and within a couple of blocks from where his father took the pictures, and to the month of the 50th anniversary of that day in his family’s history.

At ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Jimmy Descant exhibited “JFK and Rocketships”, a combination of his vintage vacuum cleaner rocketship sculptures and the JFK pics blown up and framed to 2′x3′ in great clarity. These are a juxtaposition of past and future, of the history of a President and manufacturing industry, and what eventually befell them.

Mr. Descant also exhibited a new assemblage piece: “Building The Future From The Past”, at The Ogden Museum Of Southern Art in New Orleans in 2012 for a solo show “The Shape Of Louisiana, Commenting On The Shape Of Louisiana”.

Jimmy Descant:
“I am a self taught artist of 17 years professionally, after touring the country and world as tour manager and guitar tech to the stars for 15 years. I am of Tunica-Biloxi native blood in mid Louisiana, but have been told I am not Indian enough to be a member, but that’s my own fault of growing up in New Orleans instead of the reservation. After 7 years in Salida, CO. I have come to a better understanding, interest, and depiction of Western tribes influences and the feelings, and the art brought on by the closeness of the spirits, mountains, and deserts.”

Jimmy Descant: www.deluxerocketships.com

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