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In an effort to spark more interest in the Creative Arts District, I have taken it upon myself to rally all the Salida creatives and make take the first step getting artists and all other creative businesses registered and ‘exposed’ on our site.

We started with just 6 and now we’re at 18! Let’s get to 100!!! Go to our website:  - click “JOIN” and add your info and upload your unique pics!

Thanks, Jimmy Descant, the Rocketman, but not just…

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  1. Jimmy Descant

    Still at 23.... can we get a hollaah fro another 5-10 this week? This is OUR Creative District to shine light on the actual Creatives, singles and businesses. Thanks Groove Farmers! Hit 'JOIN' for your own page.

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  2. Jimmy Descant

    The City of Salida Creative District was selected to host the 2014 Creative Industries Summit (“Summit”) on May 1st and 2nd. The Salida committee for the CCI Summit is offering local artists and creatives the opportunity to have their artwork included in two forms during the Summit.

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  3. Jimmy Descant

    There was a change to the site, so at 'Creative Directory', pull down the tab to hit 'JOIN". I heard that new submissions will be posted after this week due to scheduling and work, so be patient... If you hav trouble loading pics or info, send an email to [email protected]
    Up to 31 listings now, so keep them coming!
    I will be at the Fritz on Saturday night from 8-10 for a final blowout sale of my art there, and to answer any questions to the best of my ability about the Creative District, what it's doing, and what it means to the REAL creatives. Thanks

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  4. Jimmy Descant

    A REAL Creative in still (slow motion) evolving Creative District. Ask your local administration and City Council to step it up and include the ACTUAL creatives, please.

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  5. Jimmy Descant

    I have been forwarding info as I get it from the Creative District Summit committee here in Salida and getting people to sign up on the site so that we get the 'exposure' and recognition of all artists helping artists in all avenues of creativity, and hoping the administration of the committee and the City Council realize that the Creatives are the actual basis of the District and support us in their efforts and our livelihood in our chosen place. The City buy-in for this whole event is just partial rent for the SteamPlant, no budget for any of my creative interaction ideas. I believe the committee should be going back to the Council for more commitment and funding.
    The committee is Michael Varnum, Beatrice Price, Lisa Marvel, PJ Burgin, Teresa Casey, Emily Kristapolis, and Mayor Jim Dickson.
    Much info is at that site, and please click the Creative Directory, and pull down the tab for "JOIN" if you haven't already, and spread it around.

    I would like to gauge your opinions and attitudes as to these 2 calls for artists:

    This first one is about the 300 bags and what goes in them. The committee will buy the bags but they won't say from whom... is it from a school fundraiser site with products from China, or will the committee have them commissioned by a local artisan? So... paying for the bags but asking for 30 pieces of art from as many artists as possible FOR FREE again. I asked the committee to go back to the City Council and get further funding at least as a token gesture to the Creatives.

    The way I hear them about this one is that they will pay an artist fee of $15 per for the accepted centerpieces, and then they would be for sale at the table. BUT... they would get a 20% cut of that sale. Even after asking for free art for the bags!

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