Minutes of Historic Salida Inc., Oct. l7, 2008

Oct. l7, 2008
Minutes of Historic Salida Inc., at the Elks Club.

HSI has recommended the Elk’s Club to Colorado Historical Fund to receive a grant for assessment and begin restoration on the roof. The Elks Club building is already recognized as a historic building. Bob Rich and Sam De Leo were present to lead a tour of the building after the HSI business meeting.

Dara McDonald, Bonnie Lathrop, Judith Kinzie, Peggy Barton, Jackie Powell and Beth Smith were present. Earle Kittleman presided at the meeting. Michael Yerman and Mike Perschbacher were guests.

The secretary read minutes and data on the Salt Creek Ranch was added by Jackie. Minutes were approved with this addition.

Treasurer J. Kinzie reported a total of $5,804.l0 in the HSI account. Jackie reported the contract for the $8000 Twitchell Building grant from CHF had arrived. They plan to read it after today’s HSI meeting.

No HSI scholarships have been awarded this semester. We plan to talk to the teachers in the historic studies department. Candy Chant in student services is the woman to see about scholarships at CMC.

The Heritage Plan has been presented publicly. Beth will see if Cheryl Kovacic will bring the power point program to HSI.

Mike Perschbacher told about his work in restoring 5 outbuildings on the Hutchinson Ranch. The granary is completed. In l869 it was moved from Granite to the Homestead. The Hutchinson lived in it while their home was being built. Display cases have been purchased; one in memory of Rex Rhodes.

Teachers will bring Longfellow second graders on a visit to Salida’s historic places on 10-23-08. They will visit the Hutchinson Ranch, the Smelter smokestack, Maysville School, Tenderfoot Mountain and the sign about Zebulon Pike (1806) on highway 285 among other things. Peggy and Bonnie offered to help with the second graders.

Michel Yerman discussed the city’s downtown property code enforcement. The biggest violation was with paint and historic windows, some minor foundation work needing repair and maintenance. After notification owners have 180 days to fix the building.

HSI is considering sponsoring workshops on repairing windows, paint, cornices for the owners in a Jan. or Feb. time frame. Mike Perschbacher has been teaching a workshop in South Park on historic window restoration.

The Unique Theater (Hartslief) has defaulted on the loan from the city to restore the building. The city will take the next step.

There is still interest in restoring the “Pest House” below the River Run Inn and some interest in declaring the F St. corridor a historic area.

The F St. Bridge is on the national historic register and will get an assessment soon. The Stone Bridge is also listed.

Following adjournment, Bob Rich and Sam De Leo gave us a tour of the Elk’s building and told us history of the Club at the old building.

Meeting adjourned. NEXT MEETING (3rd Friday of month): Friday, Nov. 21, 2008

Beth Smith, secretary

P.S. Cheryl Brown Kovacic will make her power point presentation about the Heritage Area Plan during the December board meeting of HSI set for Friday, Dec l9th at noon at the United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall.

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