Minutes of Historic Salida Inc., Nov. 21, 2008

Nov. 21, 2008

Minutes of Historic Salida Inc., at United Methodist Church.

Present were Leslie Walker, Meriel Gooding—membership chair, Judith Kinzie—treasurer, Dara McDonald, Earle Kittleman–president, and Beth Smith—secretary. A quorum was present.

Earle called the meeting to order. Beth read the minutes of the October 17, 2008 meeting. Minor changes were made. Jackie moved we approve the minutes as amended. Motion passed.

Jackie reported on restoration of the Twitchell building. Anyone interested is invited Nov. 25 at 11:30 for a tour with Estelle Cole from CHF. Participants will meet at the Cowgirl Coffee. They will be reviewing the contract with Tom Zeman. There is no need for CHF to ratify each contract unless CHF has an issue with it. Several cornices on F Street have been repainted including repainting bricks below the windows.

Alison Ramsey ( P.O. Box 1522, Salida, 539-5106) may be interested in a HSI scholarship for CMC. She is chairman of Chaffee Co. Heritage Plan with GARNA. Beth will contact her.

Meriel reported 181 newsletters are in the mail.

Leslie talked about “Coming Together for our Town” and the new property code approved by the city council. It includes signs, mountain trails, farmers market, Boys and Girls Club, and many more local issues. The 2009 focus is on façade improvement, and rehabilitation of historic buildings. Dara McDonald will lead as Community Development Director. She needs volunteers to help with the workshop. Soon a press release will be in the local papers.

Leslie talked about “webinars,” an online workshop from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Main Street program for interested people at the Salida Regional Library. Jackie moved that HSI sponsor it with the city and the Salida Business Alliance. HSI would pay half the cost. Leslie seconded the motion. Motion passed. Leslie is chairman of the “webinars”. December 4th at 11 a.m. will be the first session.

The Unique Theater has been listed for sale with Leslie’s real estate firm. Thomas Morgan, a realtor is involved too.

Jackie wondered if we could set up an archive to preserve HSI papers. Earle and Judith have papers and contribute.

Jackie told about a program with Tom Noel and Ed Quillen called “What Good is Denver?” similar to the successful face-off we had earlier this summer at the Steam Plant. Perhaps HSI should plan a field trip to enjoy the program sometime in February.

Jackie moved we spend up to $1700 on the workshop coming up on property maintenance. Motion passed. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Perschbacher will organize it at the Scout Hut. The city will handle the expense of the Scout Hut. The city will send out follow-up letters to their downtown property code enforcement notices (sent out last month) inviting property owners to the workshop. Earle will welcome all to the workshop. Dara will discuss the city code. A Saturday in January or February will be the time frame.

Next meeting of HSI (regular meetings on third Friday of the month) will be December 19, 12:00 noon at the Methodist church. Cheryl Brown Kovacic will present a power point program on the Chaffee County Heritage Plan, which was adopted by the County Commissioners last week.

Meeting adjourned.  Beth Smith, secretary

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