FIBArk bike race results

For many people in the community Sunday’s bike race was overshadowed by a long weekend of ..well, a long weekend. But, to celebrate the hard work of so many citizen’s efforts as well as the vision of a refreshingly united and progressive city council, the new trails on Tenderfoot Mountain were littered with hundreds of people when Sunday’s inaugural mountain bike race launched upward from F Street.

One vision of Salida Mountain Trails was realized when cyclists flowed into town to [...]


Ode to FIBArk

Thanks to Shawn and Dina for buying this year’s FIBArk poster.


FIBArk music: Mama’s Cookin

Songs of beauty and deep intention, crafted with unique and timely lyrics leave a lasting impression. Hip-hop beats and conscious lyrics are the sound of Mama’s Cookin. Check out this interview with mama’s Cookin’ front man Zebuel Early. mama;s Cookin’ is another of the great bands playing FIBArk 2009.


Real estate market is down for May

As usual, real estate statistics in our area are interesting.  This includes   the five counties of Chaffee, Fremont, Saguache, Park and Lake, as represented by the Chaffee County Board of Realtors.

In Salida, housing sales from January through May 2009 dropped 39%.  Year to date sales totaled 46 homes with  a median sell price of $287,000 compared with the same period in 2008 when 76 homes sold at a median sell price of $263,450.  Total sales volume also dropped.

Salida  home sales in May 2009 were [...]