GARNA opposes Nestlé water extraction

In this letter to the Chaffee County Commissioners, GARNA opposes the Nestlé project, arguing that the health and welfare of Chaffee County is at stake and encouraging the Commissioners to take a long-term view.


Update: Audio tech difficulties preclude streaming Nestle

The staff of the Citizen and RSN apologize that we were not able to resolve problems with the audio feed from today’s Nestle hearing. We tried our darndest, but in the end we were stymied in our efforts to live stream the hearing. We share your


City of Salida Press Conference

The Salida City Clerk will hold a Press Conference tomorrow (Wednesday) March 18th at 10:00 AM at the Council Chambers to announce her findings on the petitions submitted against Ordinance 2 (The Occupation Lodging Tax). For more information please call City Hall at


Nestlé Waters: For the record

Contrary to some recently expressed opinions that information regarding our Chaffee County spring water development project has been difficult to obtain or hidden, Nestlé Waters has worked diligently to ensure that information on the project is readily available to the public and that the approval process is transparent.