City Council Selects Finalists for City Administrator

Submitted by Mike Copp, Interim City Administrator

It has been my pleasure to have served the City of Salida, its Mayor and Council and citizens as Interim City Administrator for the past four months. When I took this job in July, I never realized how special a place Salida is and how much the residents work at making it a great community. I have enjoyed my time as Interim Administrator, but part of my job was to help the Mayor and [...]


The Salida Museum

The Salida Museum contains a treasury of Native American artifacts, vintage household furnishings, artwork, historic photographs, and implements associated with local railroading, mining, farming, and ranching activities, from the founding of Salida to the present day.


Maybe you should know

For those who are not aware of some things that have happened in Salida during this election campaign, maybe you should. I have stayed silent up to this point but after the incident at the football game Friday, I refuse to remain so any longer.


The lure of socialism

It’s ironic that in our time of need, Americans turn not to the freedom and hard work that made this country great, but to socialism and its promises of wealth plundered from their neighbor and redistributed as elitist politicians see fit to reward their cronies.


Property maintenance code to be enforced

Dara MacDonald – Community Development Director & Terry Clark – Police Chief

Ten or fifteen years ago the downtown was more of a ghost town than the vibrant focus of the community. Riverside Park, the SteamPlant and the whitewater park are helping to bring locals and visitors downtown, but it is the renewed interest in the historic buildings that is most exciting. Over the last few years many owners have invested in maintenance or rehabilitation of their buildings and the results [...]


Angler rebuts Mallett on KSBV

Local angler David Pehle tells his story of why an international flyfishing tournament went to Frisco instead of being held in Chaffee County on Colorado’s Upper Arkansas River.


Voting is important – make the time to vote

In the last week of the campaigns, whether for President of the United States or for the more humble initiatives the City of Salida has to offer, I think it is worth considering the bigger picture. First, it is important to honor those who have already voted or will vote.  Second, I feel compelled to say that voting is not that high of bar given the importance of each vote we make for every candidate and on every issue.

According to [...]