Seen Salida make some changes

Yes, Salida is a beautiful mountain town,surrounded by the Rocky Mountains,the Arkansas river and fresh mountain air. Who wouldn't want to live here,right?I think it's great that a small town wants to grow and make changes but the one change they keep forgetting about is changing it's places for our kids to hang out and socialize,and quit shoving the iPhone(aka.master computer)down thier throats.I have been a resident here for more than 20 years.All I've seen are adult changes,things to accommodate the adults, (brewery's, dispensary's,art galleries,and condos.How about an arcade or a roller rink.There is nothing for kids to do,but hang out downtown, amongst their under the influence piers.Lets face it,family's are not spending enough quality time together.We need more playgrounds.


  • There are at least two good things coming soon. Seasons Cafe on Sackett Avenue is going to host Teen Nights every Thursday beginning TOMORROW February 1. It is free, and they have free snacks and drinks and a special low price menu for the kids. Learn more at They have a kickstarter campaign going right now to raise money to support this great program.

    Need more good stuff? There is an arcade opening soon at 2nd and F. The proprietor has been in our community for years and he worked at Boys and Girls club for many of those years. I don't know the opening date, but I keep hearing "soon."

    And speaking of Boys and Girls Club, they are also awesome.

  • There is already a lot for the young un's to do, just ask a parent !! Disc Golf, 4H, there are playgrounds, instead of a roller rink they have the cool skate park, all manner of mountain bicycle trails, hiking trails, kayak day at the hot springs pool, fishing, boys and girls club, zip lines, skiing, I won't even get into the wonderful sports programs the schools have.

    It would seem the root problem is the kids would rather stare longingly into the "glow" than do any of these things, and nobody, read their parents, stops them and takes them out to do anything, hence the lack of family time.

    That being said, many with children are struggling with "Salida Prices", 1500.00 a month rent if they are lucky, and don't have the time between working 2 jobs and providing for their families, nor the spare change to bust out a couple of hundred bucks to ski at Monarch.

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