Press Conference Announcing Music Festival Headliner

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On Monday, March 2, 2015, an official press conference will take place in the SteamPlant Event Center Ballroom at 9:00 a.m. Madison House Presents (MHP) officials, city officials and press representatives from throughout the state will be in attendance.

“We’re excited for the announcement to be made,” said Dara MacDonald, City Administrator. “We’ve been working with MHP on this music festival for several months now and it’s time to let the public know who will be performing on the main stage.”

Plans include a promotional video to be shown at the press conference which can also be used as a marketing piece for Salida in the future. Local businesses and community members will be featured in short clips without knowing what the end product will look like until the press conference on March 2. “We wanted to include the public in the announcement,” said Beatrice Price, City Event Coordinator for the music festival. “We thought it would be fun to have community members involved in the message without actually knowing what the message was and in a way that still provides a level of surprise for the actual announcement.”

Although festival details are still in the planning stages, the two-day festival will include musical performances on the main stage which will be located on the Vandeveer property with additional musical performances planned for downtown.

Tickets for the concert will be available in Salida soon and will be sold at the SteamPlant Event Center as well as online.
Madison House Presents has focused on the propulsion of the live music experience through the creation of world-class music festivals, collaborating directly with artists on creative events, and developing award-winning tours.


  • It's been suggested that we need a name for the concert...methinks "Dara's Folly" might be appropriate. Dumping 35,000 drunk/stoned young people into a tiny town of 5500 (in addition to thousands of regular summer tourists) sounds like a fiasco in the making to me...FIBArk on steroids. Hope I'm wrong--but money talks (and, apparently, sings) louder than sanity every time. This is gonna be interesting....LOL!

  • I hope it's Alice Cooper!

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