Arkansas River Basin Water Forum- April 24th and 25th at the Pueblo Convention Center

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Know Your Water, Understand Colorado

PUEBLO, CO –Don’t miss the Annual Arkansas River Basin Water Forum! This special, 25th anniversary celebratory conference, A River of Dreams and Realties, welcomes keynote speeches by Senator Cory Gardner and former Agricultural Commissioner, Don Ament at the Pueblo Convention Center on April 24-25, 2019.

In Colorado, water makes everything possible. To know water is to better understand our state. For the past 25 years, the Arkansas River Basin Water Forum has provided a friendly, constructive medium where individuals and organizations are able to explain their views and engage in open dialogue with other water users. This year’s conference will be no different and will increase both your understanding of water and your respect for Colorado’s accomplishments, vision and history.

Program highlights include a 25-year retrospective of the crucial nature of water in the Arkansas River Basin from state- and basin-wide perspectives, and presentations and panel discussions by some of the leading water experts in the state, including:

• A panel discussion about the recently completed multi-state Colorado River Drought Contingency and Mitigation Plan.

• A discussion about statewide drought and climate trends.

• An exploration about the evolution of recreation and the environment over the last 25 years in the Arkansas Basin.

• The demands and challenges of acquiring water for our growing communities, one session focusing on small systems and the other on large systems.

• A session providing an overview of the challenges of addressing the threats posed by wildfires and floods as well as ongoing collaborative efforts to address those challenges.

• A 25-year perspective on the landmark Kansas v. Colorado ruling and the significant changes the court decision and subsequent Arkansas River Compact brought to the basin as well as a forward-looking analysis of ongoing issues and challenges.

• A session on augmentation featuring experts from the upper and lower portions of the basin.

• A session on Alternative Transfer Methods (water sharing), including lessons learned and what the next 25 years are likely to bring.

• A special presentation by 6th-grader Silas Malers, who constructed an 8- x 8-foot model of the hydrologic cycle using Lego building blocks. Silas’ model includes more than 50 features that illustrate water issues such as different irrigation methods, invasive fish species, water quality issues, climate change and wildfire burn areas. (Additional information and videos of the model are on the Open Water Foundation website.)

• Presentation of the 2019 Bob Appel Friend of The Arkansas Award.

Wednesday evening will feature one of the forum’s most popular events: complimentary dinner and drinks dubbed “Percolation and Runoff” at the Historic Union Depot, including a not-so-silent auction to raise money for higher-education scholarships. Percolation and Runoff is made possible through the generosity of the Arkansas River Outfitters Association.
If you recognize the importance of water in the Arkansas River Basin or desire a better knowledge of water in Colorado, register for the forum by April 9 and receive an early-bird discount.

The Arkansas River Basin Water Forum is a 501 (c)3 non-profit that serves as a conduit for information about the Arkansas River Basin in Colorado and for issues related to water allocation and management. Founded in 1995, the Forum is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

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