City of Salida Financial Analysis and Revenue Plan, July 26, 2008, Version-5.0

Carlisle-Farney 2014-28 Initiative proponents have referenced a City of Salida Financial Analysis and Revenue Plan dated July 26, 2008 that said Salida needed to annually spend $1.975 million in 2008 dollars ($2.23 million in 2014 dollars) for street investments, based on replacing 1.5 miles per year. That Plan is attached herein for review.

Five blocks of H Street cost about $1.17 million (actual street $780k + budgeted water and sewer $390k ) to replace last year. Streets and water and sewer infrastructure are expensive.

The American Society of Civil Engineers gives the nation's water and sewer infrastructure a D- rating. It is the nation's most pressing infrastructure problem. Salida is probably ahead of that rating due to the new water and sewer plants, for which administration, staff and citizens who pay water bills deserve recognition. Nonetheless, streets and the underlying pipes still need replaced.

Public Works has apparently inspected all the water and sewer pipes in Salida with little cameras and has inventoried their condition. I don't believe the inventory has been made public. If not it should be, and in an objective, clear and truly informative manner.


Jeff A.

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