Guidestone's High Altitude Gardening Education Series (11 Sessions)

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2019 High Altitude Gardening Series at Guidestone's Community & School Farm

1455 Holman Ave - next to the dog park

Two Mondays/Month from 5 to 6:30 pm

Register here:

Each garden class will include a half hour presentation of information on the week's topic, followed by an hour of hands-on application, taught by Guidestone's Farm to School Director, Monica Pless. Afterwards, we’ll have a small farm stand to buy veggies and pick flowers from 6:30 to 7 pm, based on seasonal availability. Cost is $10/class in advance; $15 at the gate. The full series of eleven classes is $100. All ages and abilities are welcome. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Please bring your compost to drop off!


Monday, April 29th - Soil Health and Bed Preparation
Healthy soil grows healthy plants and healthy food. Learn how to set your garden up for success, and how to prepare beds for transplanting or seeding directly into the ground.

Monday, May 6 - Sowing & Planting
Join us for tips on selecting crops for our region, the timing of sowing and planting, deciding which crops to seed indoors and transplant out and which to seed straight into the ground, and techniques for efficient and dependable seeding.

Monday, May 20 - Watering and Irrigation Systems
Overwhelmed by hand-watering your garden? We’ll show you a drip irrigation system, mulching techniques to conserve water, and other options.

Monday, June 10 - Weed Prevention and Management Techniques
Make sure that weeds don't take over your garden! We’ll show techniques for preventing and managing weeds on garden and farm scales.

Monday, June 24 - Permaculture Techniques
Permaculture is an ecological design system based on a “permanent agriculture.” We’ll talk about the basic design tenets of permaculture and how it plays out in our practices and decision-making on the Community & School Farm.

Monday, July 8 - Pollinators and Pest Management
What are some good ways to attract beneficial insects and deter pests and diseases in your vegetables?

Monday, July 22 - Efficient Harvest Techniques & Keeping Veggies Fresh
After putting lots of work into the garden, learn how to bring crops in quickly, and how to wash and store them so they stay fresh.

Monday, August 12 - Home-Scale Composting
We’ll talk about vermicompost and small-scale composting appropriate for your home garden. Bring a few compostable items!

Monday, August 26 - Basic Seed Saving Techniques
Seed saving is an incredible way to get varieties of vegetables that work for your own microclimate, and it can be easy and fun! Save some seeds and come back to our seed swap next spring!

Monday, September 16 - Low-Tech Season Extension Techniques
Salida has a short growing season, some come learn some cheap and easy ways to keep your garden growing past the frost.

Monday, September 30 - Preparing the Garden for Winter
We have a few things to plant in the fall. What else do you need to do in your garden to get ready for winter so that next spring goes smoothly?

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