19th Annual Two Turkey Relay - November 9

Join the Chaffee County Running Club for the 19th Annual Two Turkey Relay! This event was originated by the late Don Breece, and the club is proud to continue hosting this event every year in his honor. Race date is Saturday, November 9. Registration cost is only $3 for members, and $5 for non members. This event is a mostly for fun, two person relay. First team member will run a 2 mile road loop, then tag their partner, who will then run the same loop. Registration begins at 9am in Riverside Park in Salida; we will begin picking teams, by random drawing, at 9:30am. Anyone who is capable of running continuously for two miles is encouraged to enter. Two minute handicaps are given to all females, anyone 13 or younger, and anyone 60 or older. We’re also looking for volunteers to bake pies or any other baked goods as prizes. For more information, please visit chaffeerunning.org. If you’re interested in donating a pie, or have any questions, please contact Kristy at [email protected].

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