M A R I P O S A, a play for young children Saturday, Nov 2

MARIPOSA A play for young children and families, geared for ages 3-7.
Salida Creativity Lab presents Mariposa, the story of a young monarch butterfly in search of her family. Come along on Mariposa's migration as she meets insect friends along her way, discovers her "instincts," and travels to the Oyamel Forest in time for Dia de los Muertos. Created by Tina Gramann and Shaun Branigan. Written by Shaun Branigan. Directed by Tina Gramann

Saturday, November 2.
2 performances 10:00am or 12:30pm
A Church 419 D St.
Butterfly and Dia de los Muertos crafts between the shows as well as information from nonprofit conservation partners GARNA Greater Arkansas River Nature Association, Salida Parks Openspace & Trails (SPOT), and Central Colorado Conservancy and their valuable work on Salida's Monarch Spur Trail.
$7 adult; $5 child.
Tickets available at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/m-a-r-i-p-o-s-a-tickets-75504474917?fbclid=IwAR112utDVS2nZTlBG9X0WsOC5NndGloTswzkYJrbLxmSksDuX0mgKmaP-o4

*Children encouraged to wear monarch or other butterfly wings to the show!

2 admit times:
9:40am doors, 10:00am show, stay for crafts;
11:00am doors for 2nd show, crafts, 12:30pm show.

Thanks in part to the City of Salida Community Funding Grant and A Church.

Salida Creativity Lab provides art, theatre, and multicultural experiences for the community.

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