Humanists Present Webinar on Prop. 113, the Presidential National Popular Vote Sept. 20

The Central Colorado Humanists and Colorado State Senator Mike Foote are featuring a live webinar to help the public learn more about Colorado ballot proposition 113, the National Popular Vote bill.

On Sunday, Sept. 20, at 10 a.m., the award-winning documentary film, Winner Take All, will be shown, followed by a short presentation by Sen. Foote, who will then take questions.

Sen. Foote was the legislative sponsor of the National Popular Vote bill, SB 42, which passed the Colorado House and Senate, and was signed into law by Governor Polis in March, 2019. In November, Coloradans will be asked to affirm commitment to a National Popular Vote for the Presidency by voting Yes on Prop. 113, a ballot measure asking us to approve this legislation.

The informative presentation and discussion can be joined by clicking on this link:
or this link:
More information and a clickable link is available on the Central Colorado Humanists Facebook page.

The National Popular Vote would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Proponents say the bill ensures that every vote, in every state, will matter in every presidential election.

In 2018, Mike Foote was elected to represent Senate District 17, which covers eastern Boulder County. He currently serves as Chair of the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee and is a member of the Appropriations Committee, Transportation and Energy Committee, and the Committee on Legal Services. He formerly served six years in the Colorado House of Representatives.


  • Electing a president by popular vote means small states like Colorado lose their electoral voice to much larger states, such as New York, Illinois and California. Colorado voters should vote “No” on 113.
    When this country’s founders adopted the Electoral College system it was an alternative to electing presidents by popular vote or through the House of Representatives.
    At the time it was a compromise giving smaller states a measure of protection against domination by states with bigger populations. What was true at the nation’s founding still stands true today. This initiative is brought about by "sour grapes" democrats who don't like the outcome of the Nation's elections, and want the Democratic stronghold cities to prevail in the elections over the wishes of smaller cities and communities which will lose representation. This is a patently bad idea, launched by a patently bad governor, who coincidentally is facing a second recall effort..

  • Facing a second silly recall effort by disgruntled Repubs who seem to cling to the off-base and antiquated argument about smaller states 'losing their electoral voice' to big states.
    They never mention that two of the last three presidential elections were not won by the person who got the most votes, but by the runner-up. Guess they're okay with that lack of democratic representation....

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