Urgent Message for All Chaffee County Residents

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From Chaffee County Public Health:

Urgent Message for All Chaffee County Residents:

At this point in the pandemic, each positive COVID-19 case in our community is a setback for not just an individual or family, but for the county as a whole. We must recognize that every single positive case from this point forward will move our county one step closer to the Stay-At-Home level on the state’s dial. We urge all residents to do everything in their power to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community. We have taken significant strides and measures to preserve our physical health, mental well-being, economy and education system. Please, let’s not go backwards, but move forward together to stronger, healthier days. We will get through this, but it’s imperative that we work together for the greater good of our community.

Message from Governor Polis:

Gov. Polis is asking all Coloradoans to cancel plans with those outside your household.

He is asking all of us to do the following until the end of November:

1. Only socially interact with people in your household (includes Thanksgiving).

2. Keep your distance.

3. Wear a mask.

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