Nestle Waters public meeting on 4/20 at 1pm

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The next Board of County Commissioners meeting is Tues., April 20th at 1pm. It is expected that Harvey Economics will be presenting analysis of the benefits vs. the losses of Nestle Waters operating in Chaffee County. It is also expected that public comment will be open to both the economic analysis and to Nestle's 2020 annual report and that time will be given at the meeting for live public comment (three minutes per person) and that written comments for public record will also be accepted.

OF NOTE: Nestle Waters recently sold to a private equity firm (One Rock Capitol) and a billionaire investor (Dean Metropoulos). The new owners have changed the business name from Nestle Waters North America to Blue Triton. There is a clause (4.6) in the permit that requires the commissioners consent to transfer the permit.

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