The Economics of Carbon Pricing Focus of Dec. 5 Science Sunday Program

One of the tools a country can use to address the impact of climate change is a so-called carbon tax. Climate change has been associated with increased violent weather and consequent social costs. Proponents say that taxing goods, services and processes that produce carbon dioxide emissions can provide incentives to reduce them.

Central Colorado Humanists Science Sunday on Dec. 5, at 10 a.m. will feature a Zoom presentation by Sandra Long entitled “Economics of Carbon Pricing.”

She will present the economics behind carbon pricing and how it compares to alternative policy options. As noted in the recent Washington Post Opinion piece entitled “America’s inaction on climate is getting embarrassing”: “The best climate tool available would be a carbon tax.” Long will examine the importance of returning 100 percent of the carbon tax revenue to households.

A native Coloradan, Long acquired a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University. A product manager for the telecommunications and power industries for most of her career, she worked for four years in the solar power industry.

 She moved to Buena Vista in 2019 and retired from Hewlett Packard Enterprise last year. She is the Group Leader for the newly formed Chaffee County Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) having volunteered with CCL since 2015.

The program begins at 10 a.m. with time for questions from the audience at its conclusion. The program can be accessed on the Central Colorado Humanist website: or at

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