Nestle/BlueTriton annual public meeting on permit compliance 4/19 at 1pm

Tuesday, April 19, 2022, is the Nestle/BlueTriton annual public hearing to review permit compliance. It will be held in the Buena Vista Community Center at 1 pm. (Zoom or in-person). Here is the Zoom link:

Submit written comments to all three commissioners and to the county admin by noon April 15th:

[email protected];

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

The 545-page annual report is thick!

But here are some stats:

  • The trucks get 6 miles per gallon, and in 2021, they made 2,725 truck trips between the Truck Loading Facility in Johnson Village and the Denver bottling plant. Only 3 of their truck drivers live within 25 miles of Chaffee County. (page 454).
  • Still no conservation easement, as promised in 2009, “concurrent with construction of the project.” (page 40)
  • Eight noxious weeds were identified on their property. (page 48)
  • In 2021, they pumped on average 62,465 gallons of water per day in an area classified as being in extreme drought conditions (page 197).
  • They consider donating 42,099 single-use plastic bottles of water in 2021 to organizations in Colorado as a benefit (page 33). 

County provided info here:

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