Mini Blessings Receives CCWWC Donation this Quarter

Mini-Blessings is the most recent recipient of the quarterly funding provided by the Chaffee County Women Who Care. On January 10, 2023 Women Who Care voted to donate $14,500 to Mini-Blessings, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been in operation in Chaffee County since 2009.

Mini-Blessings requested funding from Women Who Care to build an equipment storage building, freeing up space in their main barn for activities during cold winter months and inclement weather. According to Susan Shampine, Executive Director, “By opening up the area in our main barn, we believe we can increase the number of people we reach by about a fourth, an additional 200 - 300 folks per year.”

The mission of Mini-Blessings is to provide equine guided interactions and equine assisted learning to anyone that can benefit from the healing power of a horse. Participants at Mini-Blessings generally engage in activities that help develop life skills such as communication, self-esteem, cooperation, teamwork, and emotional regulation. They are also involved in activities that help participants physical well-being. Horses are particularly good messengers for humans because they live in family groups and feel and recognize human emotions.

“A basic tenet of Mini-Blessings is that we provide our services to anyone. We operate totally on donations and grants. That is why we are so grateful for the large donation from the 145 women of Chaffee Women Who Care,” Shampine said. In addition to helping fund its activities, Mini-Blessings relies on the community for volunteers to help care for the horses and to provide programs for the community. For further information about Mini-Blessings’ activities or to volunteer go to or call 719-395-5852.

Chaffee County Women Who Care was organized in 2018 to support charitable causes in Chaffee County communities. The group meets quarterly to hear presentations and select a project for that quarter, then members each donate $100 for the cause selected. For more information about CCWWC please contact Marilyn Bouldin [email protected] or see

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