Residential Sewer Billing Error

City staff would like to inform its customers and apologize for an error identified this morning in the calculation of residential sewer volume charges on the April bill. Corrections are being processed now and credits will be applied to the accounts affected.

Customers can either pay the amount printed on the current bill and receive a credit on the next month’s bill, check online for the corrected amount, or check with the billing department at 530-2622 for the corrected amount to pay. If you are signed up for ACH payment processing, the corrected amount will be deducted from your account on the 20th of the month. Revised bills will not be printed and mailed. This error does not affect the city’s “sewer only” customers and does not affect commercial accounts.

Due to the change from quarterly to monthly billing, an additional programming change should have been made beginning in April. Unfortunately, this step in the billing process was overlooked.

The sewer charges are comprised of a flat fee plus a volume fee that is based on winter water usage. The first quarter bills (January, February and March) reflected sewer volume charges based on actual water usage in those same months. However, the sewer volume charge for April is calculated using the monthly average for the first quarter (before any outside irrigation typically begins). The April bill reflects the entire first quarter water volume. A programming change should have taken place to divide the quarterly volume into a monthly average. However, that step did not take place before bills were generated.

Staff would like to assure its customers that the corrections will be made as quickly as possible and we regret the inconvenience this has caused.


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