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I am disappointed that a hound club has started hunting in an area that has usually been quiet and I wonder if they will have their hounds howling and guns shooting every Sunday when we are used to hiking behind Pinion Hills near Sands Park where it is usually quiet. We are used to being courteous to hunters during hunting season and stay out of the area but now do we have to also put up with most Sundays disturbing wildlife (deer and jackrabbits were running past me and my dog and my dog was nervous with the shooting)and us as we hike? I know Britain outlawed the hunt years ago but I guess it lingers in this county. I have seen the hounds running by themselves as well through Pinion Hills. I assume they are hunting on private land, the Everett ranch? or other owners? Many of the owners in that area are very particular about sportsman crossing their property, hunting, etc. so I assume they have permission. I am not looking forward to hearing all the guns and dogs every Sunday. I will talk to neighbors and see how they feel.

Louise Olsen-Marquez


  • h

    It would be great to hear from a representative from the organization.

    "Headwaters Hounds maintains a pack of American Foxhounds near Salida, Colorado to pursue the time honored tradition of foxhunting. Our hunt members share a love of horsemanship, the outdoors and “riding to hounds” across magnificent Rocky Mountain country in pursuit of the wily coyote. Come ride with us to experience the sights and sounds of the chase, punctuated by “music” of our enthusiastic hounds or by the huntsman’s horn. We welcome new members and takes pleasure in introducing them to the traditions and joys of foxhunting. More information on this time-honored sport is at the Master of Fox Hounds Association."

  • Louise
    If you had been hiking near where the hunt club was riding at Sand Park, it is not possible that your "dog was nervous with the shooting" as the club hunts with hounds - not with guns. When you talk to your neighbors about your negative feelings on hunting, please be truthful about your actual experiences.

    As a local club of horse-riders and enthusiasts for this ancient and traditional sport , we enjoy the thrill of the "chase" and the joy of working with a pack hounds. We respect our neighbors and encourage them to join us either on horse-back or on foot, so they can experience the fun of this sport first hand. We are always looking for volunteer "coyotes" who lay a scent for the hounds to follow.


  • Wasn't attempting to tell a story that didn't happen. I am a fiction writer and I know the difference. Lots of gunshot, maybe someone else in the area, and lots of dogs barking. Don't assume I am presenting it negatively to neighbors but I am asking horse riders in the area about their opinion trying to understand the impact on the area and the wildlife.

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