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The City of Salida is promoting a way for citizens to be better informed. Below is a link to sign up to receive an email from the city each day there is a new post on the website.

By signing up for City "News to your Inbox" you will hear directly about upcoming meetings, projects and other happenings. News is combined in a single email at the end of the day, and you only receive an email when a new post is added to the city website. Tell everyone you know! And, please like the City of Salida on Facebook!

City staff just recently started a new series of posts on the website aimed at helping inform the public about what is happening at upcoming council meetings and work sessions. Meeting packets can be hundreds of pages long. That is a lot for most citizens to look through!

Staff members prepare cover memos for most agenda items in the meeting packet. With some minor modification, those cover memos can also serve as an article or website post that make it easier for the public to become informed about the decisions council will consider. The cover memos provide background information on the topic, summarize what is being requested of the council and may include a staff recommendation.

Not all meeting or work session topics will be addressed in a separate post. Staff is endeavoring to cover those believed to be of broad community interest. They will not always be able to accurately predict what is of interest to citizens, and some important matters may be on the agenda but not featured in a separate post simply due to time constraints. Therefore, citizens are still encouraged to read the meeting agenda for a list of topics to be discussed and refer to information in the full meeting packet.

The Salida City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 448 E 1st Street. The meeting on the first Tuesday begins at 7:00pm and is preceded by a work session at 6:00pm. The meeting on the third Tuesday begins at 6:00, with a work session the day before at 6:00pm. Meetings are broadcast on local cable channel 10 and available for replay on YouTube, which can be accessed from the city website.

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