How easy is it to self-publish a book?

Writing a book can be a work of love or frustration, but when you finish that last chapter and are ready to publish, the next steps can be grueling if you've never done it before. I just went through this process for the first time and came to several conclusions:

  1. If taken in order, the steps to self-publishing are easy and take very little time. If the order is unknown, then it's quite the opposite.
  2. The biggest decision to make is whether to keep publishing simple enough that it leaves plenty of time to write more books.
  3. There are thousands of fun, easy ways to market a self-published book successfully (that includes marketing it to a publisher if desired).

If you have self-published before, I want to hear about your experience! I'm putting together a self-publishing step-by-step guide and you may help others by sharing your feedback on companies and techniques you've used, as well as pitfalls we should all try to avoid.

Contact me through my website at and while you're there, check out my new book "Dear Sandy: The letter that wrote itself into a Book"

Best of the Best,

Jennifer Sweete

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