Medical aid in dying

I will start by posting a letter to the editor (written by me) that has been published elsewhere:

In November, Colorado voters will decide a question that gets to the heart of individual choice in one of the most personal issues anyone can face: one's own death.

The question is: Should a terminally ill adult have the right to request medical aid in dying to end their suffering? The proposed End of Life Options Act is modeled after Oregon's "Death With Dignity" law which has been in place for 18 years and which has provided peace of mind to countless cancer patients and others facing death from a terminal illness.

Washington, California, and Vermont have adopted similar legislation. In all cases, safeguards are in place to ensure that no one is coerced into participation, including doctors.

Medical aid in dying is not for everyone and supporters respect the right of each individual to chart their own course at the end of life. Prior to his death at age 92, my father begged everyone who came into his room to help him die. Others choose instead to fight death until their last breath.

Supporters of End of Life Options simply ask that mentally capable adults with a terminal diagnosis be given the right to seek a peaceful end within a legal medical framework. Signatures are being gathered throughout Colorado to put this issue on the ballot. Please add your name if you get a chance.

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