Conversation with Greg Felt at Benson's 7/26

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Join us the evening of 7/26 for conversation and a cool one with Greg Felt, Unaffiliated candidate for Chaffee County Commissioner in District 2. We'll talk about the role of county commissioner, how Greg will approach the job, and the issues that we will face together in the years ahead. Voters of all affiliation are welcome, and if not sure about your registration status we will have people there to help you. 5:30 - 7:30 pm.



  • Chaffee County residents. I went a couple weeks ago to Wood's and heard Greg speak and answer questions. If you are paying attention at all, it's an incredibly important time for our valley. I'd encourage you to make time to swing by this event and learn about the issues and the candidate. Listen and ask questions. Take part in our future. I've known Greg for a long time and I'm so encouraged to have him stepping up to serve, take part and help lead our future locally.

  • I will be there!

  • I attended Greg's session at Wood's Distillery recently and was very impressed with his knowledge, speaking skills, ability to bridge the gaps, kindness and good humor. He appears to be a perfect fit for the job and has a wealth of experience!

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