Friday, October 7 - Clay Play with Maverick Potter

Friday Time! Aka you Salida parents might be looking for some educational, fun, and enriching opportunities for your kids..

From 9am to 2pm, the Rec Department's Friday Enrichment Program has you covered for all kids ages 5-8.

CAMP FRIDAY October 7: Clay Play with Mark Rittman of the Maverick Potter

Kids will get their hands messy, have fun, and create their own one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

From there, all participants will spend the afternoon with Salida Rec, playing games, doing crafts, and everything in between.

Drop off is at the Maverick Potter, 9am - 119 F Street

Pick up is at the Scout Hut, 2pm - 210 E Sackett Ave

Pre-Registration is required! All registrations and liability waivers must be completed at the Aquatics Center prior to attending.

$5/child - for 5 hours of fun for your kids, 5 hours off for you.

Snacks are provided but BRING LUNCH and water.

There is a strict no peanut or nut ingredients policy for Friday Enrichment programs. Please plan/pack appropriately!

For more information, reach out to Shannon Daileader @704-390-5020 or at [email protected]; or contact Lanette Hartment @719-539-5703 or [email protected].

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