The RAGBIRDS Wednesday February 11, 2015 7:30 at the Salida SteamPlant Theater

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Here it is, to top off a great run through January and into February; a band I’m really excited to present. A band with global grooves, hook-laden pop with a kaleidoscopic array of worldly influences, The Ragbirds exhibit a gleeful disregard for contemporary folk-rock convention while utilizing an arsenal of instruments from around the world. They are a fusion of folk rock and pop hooks over danceable world rhythms stirred with a Celtic fiddler's bow.

The five-piece project is clearly built around the multi-talented Erin Zindle, who is proficient in a variety of stringed instruments. She is the songwriter and front woman of the band, skillfully switching between violin, mandolin, accordion, banjo and percussion, all while dancing. Surrounding Zindle’s earthy-sweet voice is the whirlwind of a guitarist T.J. Zindle, dynamic bassist Dan Jones, drummer Jon Brown, and standout percussionist Randall Moore.

This up-and-coming Michigan band has been traveling the country with their “infectious global groove”, gathering a passionate grassroots fan base. Live, unquestionably they are positive vibes, high energy, infectious beats, and moving introspective lyrics.


$15 adv $16 at the door. Tickets available at the SteamPlant Box Office, the Salida Chamber of Commerce, Free the Monkey in Salida and Buena Vista, Sacred Ground Café. Online at

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