Survey - what do you need in a home?

There are efforts underway to build more housing that will be attainable for Salida's working class. We are doing this survey to help us understand the wants and needs of those in our community who are looking for stable, long term housing. Please take this survey if you are looking for housing in the Salida area, or you live in the area and want to improve your housing situation. We want the opinions of those who want to live in Salida and are having challenges finding housing here. This survey is Salida-centric. If it goes well, we may create one for BV or Chaffee County in general.

In this survey you will be asked if you would like to rent or to buy your home. If you are interested in both options, please take the survey twice, once for renting and once for purchasing your home. If you are only interested in renting OR buying, please only take the survey once.

This survey is anonymous. At the very end of the survey you may provide your contact information if you wish. We may get in touch to ask you some follow up questions, but we will not share your contact information with anyone.

The household income question is optional.

Thanks for your participation, and please share this with others who are looking for long term housing solutions in the Salida area. The more information we receive, the better we can plan to meet the housing needs of our community.

This survey is being conducted by Joe and Paige Judd of Judd Fine Homes, Inc. Use the link below to take the survey, and thanks for your input!

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