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The Boettcher scholarship is one of the top scholarships offered to Colorado high school students. The scholarship covers tuition as well as laboratory and other required fees at an accredited, four-year Colorado undergraduate institution selected by the scholarship recipient. Each scholar also receives $2,800/year to be used toward room and board. In recent years, Boettcher Scholars have averaged in the top 2.8% of their class by rank and have scored an average of 1380 on the Critical Reading and Mathematics sections of the SAT and 32 on the ACT. While Boettcher Scholars come from all over the state, represent diverse backgrounds, and possess an incredible array of talents, they share two overriding characteristics: an intense intellectual curiosity and a passion for involvement. Over 1,500 students apply annually and 100 make it to the final interview round that takes place in early March. In the past 6 years Salida School District has had 6 finalist and 4 who received the scholarship. Well Done!

This year Salida High School has two students who made the semi-finalist round, Evan Coit and Harper Powell. These two students have the academic integrity, evidence of leadership, service to community/school, and outstanding character that the Boettcher committee values. The semi-finalist round is comprised of letters of recommendation that will determine who will make it to the final interview round of 100 students. These are two students out of many who make Salida The Education Community.

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    Update: Harper Powell WON the Boettcher Scholarship. Out of 100 people selected for an interview she was one of the 40 that was offered a scholarship. A sincere thank you to Julia and Greg Powell for supporting the schools and raising such wonderful daughters, I am sure they are proud. I also want to thank Jerry Cannon, Miki Hodge and Gail Granzella for their help with the Mock interview. Great Job Harper!

    Harper has some tough decisions to make because she was accepted into Harvard, Stanford, University of Virginia, Berkley College of Music, CU-Boulder, and CU-Denver.

    Also, Alexandra Maes has won the Daniel's Fund Scholarship. This scholarship is a last dollar amount but unlike the Boettcher, recipient's of the Daniel's fund can attend a college/university outside of Colorado. Alex has chosen Berkley College of Music in Boston, MA. She was also accepted into Belmont, Denver University, and CU-Denver. Alex has been wonderful to work with and I want to thank her parents as well, Phil and Jeannine for also supporting the schools and raising such a well rounded individual. Thank You! Well Done Alexandra!

    These are just two fine examples of the student-citizens that our community has influences over the years. Thank You Salida-The Education Community.

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