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I'm wondering if the creative district will be getting another $17,000 CCI grant for public art this year? Why did the city have to pay for the sculpture signs?


  • Looking back, I see this fund wasn't used on bike racks either.

  • There's a dilapidated mural on 3rd and F which is the very entrance to the creative district. No tourist is going to get a good first impression with this mess. It's been this way for many years and will remain ugly for years to come. The art authorities put an illegal sign (no required notifications were given) in front of it. This is a one inch bandage on a 12 inch wound.
    On the other side of town on the Gateway inn is our largest and oldest mural. I talked with all the right people and repainted this 1600 sq ft mural in 7 days and it cost me $400. Why did I do it???? because it's 30 years old and needed it. Of the 10 murals on the highway, I painted all of them.


    The Salida council for the art's department task force and social club;

    dysfunctional, expensive, criminal


    functional, free, honest

    'Recruitment of new and young leadership is deemed necessary for long term growth in the district'

    Marci Erion, CCI consultant, Salida creative district strategic plan, page 7, 2013

  • I'm mistaken, I believed someone and I should have doubled checked. Apparently, the club didn't get a grant this year.

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