$4.5 million Euthanization of mountain lions and bears moves ahead to increase deer population

By BRUCE FINLEY | [email protected]
FORT COLLINS – Colorado wildlife commissioners quashed wide opposition Wednesday and voted unanimously to embark on a controversial predator control experiment to euthanize mountain lions and bears — a $4.5 million effort aimed at reviving the state’s dwindling population of deer. --Contact your representatives today to let them know how you feel--



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    Our black bear have very little to do with the deer population. They have been known to take fawns in the spring otherwise they are 85% vegetarian. The other 15% is mostly rodents and animals which were already dead. I once saw a bear sitting on a log and a wild turkey rubbed up against his leg like a housecat, no problem; our bear don't hunt. 85% of a puma's diet is deer; maybe we should keep some of those here in town.

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