Tattered Flags Flying Over Salida

I don't know how to contact whoever now owns the former Pueblo Bank and Trust building, but I urge them to take down the flags that are rotting on the roof.

I find it ironic and annoying that so many people who profess to be patriotic and get red in the face about flag-burning as a statement of protest don't seem to know shit about how the flag is supposed to be honored.

There are a zillion rules. Read this page for a complete description of flag etiquette.

Once an American flag gets faded and/or torn, it must be taken down and disposed of in a certain way. Generally VFW and Foreign Legion posts take flags and burn them ceremoniously. They don't go in the trash, but they don't stay up on the flagpole!

I saw some young hillbilly in Salida the other day with an American flag mounted on his pickup truck, and it was torn almost in half. Guess what young hillbilly, you aren't a patriot. You are an idiot.

Some of the rules I most often see violated are flying the flag overnight without illumination. I once saw a flag nailed upside down to the side of a garage with a bunch of Obama hate. Upside down flags are for dire emergencies. Using that symbol to protest a president you don't like is just as bad as burning one during a demonstration.

Whoever owns that building now, would you mind not disrespecting the flags of our nation and our state by allowing them to decay into rags?

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