DeVos? Gardner? Speak up Salida

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POSTED FOR A SALIDA RESIDENT: It's come down to just one person to make the deciding vote on DeVos. Everyone can call, but they have no motivation or obligation to listen to people who aren't their constituents. Let's do this Colorado people!
Please encourage Cory Gardner in Colorado and Dean Heller in Nevada to flip their votes on DeVos (since Collins and Murkowski already flipped!).

Cory Gardner

DC Phone: (202) 224-5941

Pueblo Phone: (719) 543-1324

Colorado Springs Phone: (719) 543-1324

Denver Phone: (303) 391-5777

Dean Heller:

Las Vegas Phone: 702-388-6605

Reno Phone: 775-686-5770

Washington, DC Phone: 202-224-6244

EDITED TO ADD: Apparently Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania is another possibility.

MORE INFO FROM Washington Post:

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