City Council Meeting on February 8

This link goes to the You Tube from the City of Salida Council meeting. ().

At about 1 hour 50 minutes in (1:50) Council members Eileen Rogers and Cheryl Brown-Kovacic ask for the Council to rein in attorney fees. The Mayor and Council members Melodee Hallet and Mike Bowers defended not only the City Attorney, but also the exorbitant fees that he has been paid in the last 11 months. Council member Granzella stated that he thinks that the entire Council should have been aware of all the fees that have been paid to the City Attorney and the work that has been assigned to the City Attorney on a regular basis. It appears that the Mayor and/or individual Council members have directed the Attorney to do a lot of work that the entire Council was not aware of. In my humble opinion, when the City spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal opinions, then the entire Council should have fiscal responsibility over professional services, and not just the Mayor and select Council member(s).

If you agree with any of the folks you hear speak in this video, please write them a letter to let them know that you support their position. Also, the contract for the City Attorney and his performance will be reviewed in the next few weeks. If you have any feedback on what you have observed, you can share that with your Council members as well. You can find their contact info here:

Oh, there's more. Around 2:23 Councilwoman Rogers discusses how she (and possibly other Council members) were not given information that the Mayor and possibly others received earlier. How are our Council members supposed to do their job if they are not given the information that they need in a timely manner? Why were those documents not shared with ALL Council members? Thank you, Councilwoman Rogers, for speaking up for what is right!

Just a reminder, there are 3 Council seats up for election this fall as well as the Mayor. The positions for council people Eileen Rogers, Hal Brown, and Melodee Hallet will be contested.

There are a lot of other interesting discussions in this video as well, but it is LONG.

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