Street and Park Tree Maintenance

Public works staff in collaboration with the Salida Tree Board have identified trees that are dead or dying, or that need to be pruned or removed to address safety concerns. All trees are located in City Right-of-Way or within City parks. The City has contracted with an International Society Arboriculture Certified Arborist to perform tree pruning and removals throughout the City. This work is expected to primarily occur during March and April of 2017.

In addition, at least six large elm trees in Centennial Park along Highway 50 and Holman Avenue will be removed. The removal of trees will be limited to those that have improper structure and health. At least seven replacement trees of various species will be planted in planned areas within the park.

Tree work will generate mulch that will be stockpiled in the t-ball parking lot located near the intersection of M Street and Sackett Ave. and will be available for public use. Rounds from logs may be stockpiled in Parkways and are available to public as well.

Property owners may be able to replace trees by applying to the City’s Adopt-a-Tree program. Additional information can be found online at under the heading boards/commission/tree board.
For more information, please contact Public Work at 719-539-6257.

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