Residents against the proposed development of "Longhorn Ranch Subdivision” near Frantz Lake

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Follow the link below for more information and to sign the petition. Please share and attend the County Commissioner Meeting about this issue April 11th at 9AM located at 104 Crestone Avenue Room 301

Action Petitioned For: We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens living near the proposed development known as “Longhorn Ranch Subdivision”.
We respectfully request that approval of this subdivision development be denied.
Many residents of the area are very concerned regarding the health and welfare of the area in regards to spot zoning, environmental issues, wildlife, drainage, and sewage.

Longhorn Subdivision Request: To divide 35.10 acres into 14 lots with the minimum being 2.003 acres. Water by wells, wastewater treatment by on-site wastewater systems.Proposed Subdivision plat located here:

Concerns and reasons for denial:
Spot Zoning & Planning Concern:
Creation of a Spot Zone: The county would be singling out a small parcel of land for development, completely different from that of the surrounding area, for the benefit of the property owner and to the detriment of other surrounding residents.

Plat Plan Concerns: Plan only offers one road for ingress and egress and does not integrate into city/county road plan.
Drainage and Water Concerns:**
Fish Hatchery: The hatchery has spent a lot of time working on water quality. Water runoff from a subdivision could have an adverse affect. The hatchery is a valuable state resource and this concern warrants a further water quality study.

**Wetland and Wildlife Endangerment: **The proposed subdivision could have direct and indirect potential impacts on the adjacent State Wildlife Area such as altered hydrology, increased pollutant loadings, and buffer encroachment caused by this subdivision. Additionally study of potentially endangered bird species. Warrants further study.

Potential Sewage Issues:
Septic: Feasibility of proposed homes that will have septic systems and groundwater quality.

Quality of Life Concerns:
Little Public Benefit: This subdivision would provide little public benefit, it is inconsistent with the comprehensive plan for affordable housing and sustainable development, and inconsistent with surrounding zoning, and uses.

Increased Traffic: Increased traffic for existing residents on CR 160, CR 166, CR 154 and Crestone Mesa Dr.

Detriment to Community: This is not a case of NIMBY- residents of the surrounding area chose to reside and purchase property in the country, not a subdivided sea of homes. As residents of this community we are concerned about light pollution, traffic, noise, water pollution and the destruction of the agricultural land we are currently surrounded by.

Please take the following steps as a fellow concerned citizen:
Sign this petition BEFORE April 11th.
Attend upcoming public Planning Commission Meeting on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 in Room 301 at 6:00 p.m. at 104 Crestone Ave, Salida.
Attend the upcoming County Commissioners Meeting- Tuesday April 11th, 2017 in Room 301 at 9:00 a.m. at 104 Crestone Ave, Salida- THIS MEETING IS MOST IMPORTANT!
Push for water quality and wildlife impact study for the adjacent Fish Hatchery and State Wildlife areas.
Voice your comments to the planning board and county commissioners (this is important!).
County Commissioners Contact:
Dave Potts
Commissioner District #3
[email protected]
Greg Felt
Commissioner District #2
[email protected]
Keith Baker
Commissioner District #1
[email protected]

Contact the County Planning Commission: Mike Allen, Chair, Karin Adams, Vice-Chair, Rick Shova


  • It is a good thing for everyone to be well informed about what is going on around them. As part of the developing group, I would like to address your concerns. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss it.

    The county has adopted a very thorough process to approve subdivisions, which takes several months, and thoroughly looks at all of the potential impacts. In the case of the Longhorn subdivision, a few of the points that have been brought up in this petition are inaccurate.

    The property owners that touch the boundaries of this land have been consulted and have no concerns. One of them is helping to create an easement to allow a designated right of way that will allow access to his property and comply with larger county traffic planning which was addressed with the planning commission. They approved. There are 2 points of access, not 1. One of them creates the possibility for a future pass through county road. (The first attempt by the landowner to utilize the land was to put in a conservation easement, but that process did not come to fruition.)

    Colorado Parks and Wildlife is also a neighbor and they were also consulted before beginning the process to see if they had any issues to address. The hatchery ran it by their engineers, as well as CPW area director, and found no issues. Every effort is being made to work with these agencies to make it as wildlife friendly and aesthetic as possible. There will be an architectural review board and designated building envelopes to protect the area's beauty and view corridors.

    The property is currently a fenced pasture with no wildlife migration and any future fencing will comply with wildlife safety fencing recommendations from CPW. There are no wetlands on it and it is not in a flood plane. CPW, as well as many other agencies including state water engineer, state forest service, and several others, have to sign off on the project in the subdivision process. There will be a hydrology study done and all drainage and septic will be engineered as well.

    An engineering firm will do a traffic study as required by the subdivision process. In regard to "spot zoning," this type of use by right was voted on and approved by the planning commission and it is in compliance, as evidenced by the planning commission voting to approve it at their last meeting last Tuesday, March 28th.

    The property is within 2 min of downtown Salida, which is the same distance as the Two Rivers project. Two Rivers project is much higher density, but is well designed, which is an important concern for our community going forward. 15 more homes on 35 acres is far from a "sea of homes." As long term residents of Salida, we want to see Salida maintain the aesthetic that we love here. There is growing interest in our area for that reason, and prices are being driven very high due to lack of inventory. The goal is to keep the lot prices at or below the values that the limited number of available lots in town are reaching. This project can help with that and can be done in a tasteful way to maintain the character of the area. There will be a 3/4 mile separate walking trail built through it as well.

    I have faith in our planning commission and Board of Commissioners to look out for the best interests of the land and the public, by ensuring that the rules and regulations they have established are followed.

    1. "As part of the developing group"- so you obviously have a monetary interest to see this through. I highly doubt you even live in this surrounding area.

    2. "The property owners that touch the boundaries of this land have been consulted and have no concerns"- there are ONLY TWO property owners that touch boundaries with this proposed development. They alone do not speak for all residents of the area, or Salida citizens at large.

    3. "The property is currently a fenced pasture with no wildlife migration"- this statement is 100% inaccurate. Deer, Coyotes and Mountain Blue Birds use this area for migration, nesting, hunting and breeding. We've seen them and tracked them. Just because it's fenced pasture does not mean wildlife understands that and thus keeps out.

    4. "In regard to "spot zoning," this type of use by right was voted on and approved by the planning commission and it is in compliance"- This spot zoning case has YET TO BE APPROVED BY COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. The Planning Committee is just one step.

    5. "The goal is to keep the lot prices at or below the values that the limited number of available lots in town are reaching."...LOL, so more unaffordable housing! Just what Salida needs!

    6. "There will be a 3/4 mile separate walking trail built through it as well."- I think everyone who enjoys the surrounding area would prefer to have it remain open and beautiful. A shoddy walking trail is not some kind of bargaining chip for the loss of vast views and silent open lands we currently inhabit.

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