Consolidation of Valley News Medias Imminent

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Salida, CO - Second Quarter 2017 will see the consolidation of several Arkansas Valley media sources coming together under one roof. In an announcement made on Twitter today it was revealed that THE MOUNTAIN MAIL, THE SALIDA CITIZEN, THE SALIDA DAILY POST, KHEN, KSBV and KVRH will be rolled into one newsgroup.

The purchase and consolidation was made by an LLC formed as an umbrella group by un-named members of Salida's City Council. Though managing partners in the for-profit company requested their names not be revealed until all paperwork is complete, the filings with the state of Colorado indicate that the organization will be called VandafearNewsGroup LLC., and their registered offices are located in a house made to look like a strip mall in Poncha Spring's zoneless hinterland. While chumming it up at The Fritz with fellow ex-newsieman Merle Baranczyk, Bill Donavan of The Salida Citizen gestured wildly and said "With the changing demographics of Chaffee County, the acquisition of The Citizen just makes financial sense." Then, with his arm around Mr. Donavan's shoulder and pouring shots of whiskey, Mr Baranczyk added "look, with all the transparency and community support of Salida's current city council, what could go wrong? I, for one, am buying a Ferrari." Then, the two high-fived.

In rural markets under a recent Trump declaration, news sources may not be challenged in court under federal antitrust laws if they meet specific requirements. This controversial approach to small market single media owner's groups allows the consolidation of several media outlets with earnings less than 30 million dollars to proceed with just a one-day review period if a community hearing is called. The hearing to approve the consolidation was scheduled by Salida's Mayor at 3am Saturday morning. Documents were filed shortly thereafter by Salida's acting city attorney.

When asked his opinion about the purchase, 62-year old Jimbo Cradenza, a recent transplant to Salida from Boulder said. "I was not aware Salida had a city council? Isn't the river awesome? It's so pretty. Now, I'm going to drink cappuccino and ride my mountain bike around in circles."


  • I’m not sure about this. The organization name I agreed to when relinquishing my multi-million dollar share in the Salida Daily Post was not VandafearNewsGroup LLC. It was GoGettaNewsGroup LLC. Or maybe it was GottaGoNewsGroup LLC. Hard to remember after matching Donovan and Baranaczyk, shot for shot. A game of darts as well.

  • All, this has many of the usual things that occur on April First, which is to say a JOKE!! Are utterly trivial news organizations worth millions?

  • LOL, good one Bill !!!

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