Salida School Board Invites Potential Candidates to Q&A to Work Session on June 6 at 5:15pm

Information for potential School Board Members
Nov 7, 2017 Election

Five out of seven school board seats will be voted upon this November. The five open seats include District 1, 3, 4, and 5, along with an at large seat. Districts 3, 4, 5 and the at large district will all be four year terms. District 1 will be a 2 year term. District 1, currently served by Penny Wilken; District 3, currently served by Lori Isenberger and Cheri Post (one of these seats will transition to “at large”); District 4, currently served by Gay Hahn; and District 5, currently served by Kyle Earhart will all be up for election. No Directors are term limited at this time.

Salida School District continues to work within the framework of the strategic plan and has identified four main areas of focus including: financial planning, issues around growth, master facilities planning, and continued improvement in Human Resources. “These are big priorities and it is important to bring on board members who see the importance of this work and can help carry it forward to the next level.”

Salida School Board Directors serve on various committees and as liaisons to the staff and community while managing the matters of the district at regular monthly Board meetings.

Colorado Association of School Boards has helpful information about the work of a school board member which can be found in a printed handbook (which will be available to view at the Salida Q & A on June 6th in the Board Room/2nd Floor Kesner Building 349 E 9th St.) and on their website The handbook outlines key factors for effective boards of education:

  • Lead strategically
  • Relate well with the superintendent
  • Work effectively as a governing body
  • Oversee district personnel actions and decisions
  • Oversee district’s academic program
  • Make sound and responsible fiscal decisions
  • Oversee and invest in district facilities
  • Assure the health and wellness of students and staff
  • Advocate
  • Make decisions based upon the long-term, systematic impact of their actions
  • Engage the public in district matters
  • Develop, implement, and monitor sound, understandable policy
    Effective board members have two different roles, which require two different sets of skills. One is to represent individual philosophy that is consistent with the voices of the community. The second is to work with the other board members as a governing board to provide direction based on community values

The School Board will host an informal Question and Answer work session from 5:15 to 5:55 pm on June 6, 2017 before their next Regular Meeting.

Anyone considering running for Salida School Board is encouraged to contact school board members and the Superintendent for more information. Candidates for school board must pick up a petition from the Salida School District Central Administrative Offices (CAO) at the Kesner Building 349 E 9th St. /Salida which will be available on August 9. They need to be returned to Central Administration Office with 50 signatures from eligible voters registered within Salida School District Boundaries.

For more information, please contact Brandy Coscarella, Salida School Board Assistant at 530-5406.

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