Council Member Rogers' Comments 10/17/17

Approximate statements I made during Salida’s October 17th City Council Meeting:

"I have just a few items to discuss tonight and information to share.  

First, I have discovered that the August attorney invoice has 23 duplicate matters, identical to the July invoice.  Thus, there appears to be an error of almost 19 thousand dollars in the check paid to our attorney. Mayor Lavicchi, I’d like to offer my assistance in correcting that error.  I have time in the morning, tomorrow, before 11:00.  Would you like me to meet you in your office?  When?

Second, I have concluded that — by this time — the City has received the September Conundrum City Attorney invoice report.  All previous invoices have been received earlier, in each month, following the work completed. I want to begin reading the September detailed summaries as soon as possible.  Mayor LaVicchi, may I schedule time Friday morning say 9:00?  

Third, I submitted a CORA request last Thursday morning and picked up the copies I had requested this afternoon. I wanted official invoice detailed summaries for the two matters investigating me — #272 Elected Officials Public Statements — and #313 Council Member Rogers Special Projects.  

To prohibit me from sharing the details, Attorney Kahn printed the following restriction on each page: 'privileged and confidential attorney/client communication and work product.' It is my understanding that Attorney/Client privilege refers only to communications between the two parties (ADDED CLARIFICATION: and only to communications that relate to legal advice).'

What  is especially peculiar — is a document on Mayor LaVicchi’s campaign website —another detailed summary — #281— from the June attorney invoice —for all the world to read — if they have internet access.  I cannot understand why #272 & #313 are privileged and confidential, while #281 is not.  

 I requested ONLY the documents written about me—I believe that I have the legal and ethical right to share the work that was performed during our city attorney’s investigation of me.


  • I respect and laud Council member Rogers’ pursuit of the facts. As a Salida resident, I would appreciate a mayoral response to these questions and a clear accounting for legal reimbursements paid using City funds.

  • I cannot believe there has not been more outrage concerning this. Is anyone out there paying attention?

  • All, you may be interested in this podcast of the interview I did on Friday's at 3 on KHEN with Jimmy Sellars and Mark Monroe. The second half of the interview is focused on attorney costs and how what is happening in Salida is "NOT NORMAL" compared with the rest of the state.

  • Thanks for providing this interview - I hope everyone will listen to it to better understand the issues (you can forward on the graphic to the second half of the interview) The attorney costs and how that documentation is being guarded and handled is not normal, and if some of those high costs involved directed work at investigating council members it raises legal and ethical issues. All the many large colorful ads in the Mountain Mail (and naturally, the editorial endorsements) can't hide these concerns. Check out the mean-spirited ad on page 3 of the Oct. 25th Mountain Mail for perhaps the most revealing depiction of the hostile environment and attitude from one side of this campaign. Time for change.

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