Corrupt police department

My rights were violated by the Salida police department.They are the most incompetent law enforcement agency in the world.I was at home minding my own business when I was home invaded,almost punched out,shirt was ripped off,shoved into my own fence,had 2 witnesses that saw everything, both witnesses gave statements against the perp.this all happened in front of my family who the police didn't give a crap about what he put them through as well.why? Because Russell Johnston is a true piece of work.At first I was a victim,then they found out I had a little trouble in the past ,then I was a perp. As well and I had no rights at this person was able to just show up at my house,and assault me on my own property.Thanks alot Salida P.D. for destroying my faith in the locals PIGS. I was the one that called them to make a report about an assault that just happened to me.I will never call on them again...WORTHLESS,Not trust worthy, corrupted so called law enforcement.


  • While every organization has it's good and bad, venting about authorities in a public domain probably won't move things forward for you. It sounds like you may want to take these issues to the Chief if staff behaved poorly, or an attorney if that doesn't help. Being angry at the whole organization is not as valuable as speaking plainly with the officer's boss.

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