Missing Bernina Sewing Machine Accessories

In 2018, I donated a used Kenmore sewing machine to the Central Colorado Humanists. The machine was sold in their September 2018 yard sale. Unfortunately, I may have accidentally put several BERNINA attachments in a white plastic accessory box that I donated with the Kenmore machine. (The white box is a Bernina box and fits into my Bernina machine.)

If you are the person who bought the Kenmore machine, I believe you will have no use for these Bernina parts and the box they were in, and I am willing to buy them back. I will also pay for shipping to my new location. The missing parts include: button hole foot, zipper foot, darning hoop, bobbins, several presser feet, and a Bernina screwdriver. I would be extremely grateful - if you are reading this - if you would be willing to return the parts to me! Contact Diana at 719-221-3015.

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